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Through their eyes refugee father's story

My name is Fahim and I am from Afghanistan.  I am thirty-five years old.  This is some of my story:

I have a wife and had two kids.

My seven year old boy died in accident when we lived in Afghanistan.

The Taliban increased and made our city unsafe.

They threatened me and my family.

Me, my wife, and one year old daughter fled to Moria,

To start a new life.

Afghan man fleeing Taliban finds refuge Lesvos refugee family

There was a storm when we took a small raft out to the island.

My wife and daughter are afraid of water from our journey.

Moria was not a good place.

Men would come into our tents at night and take our things;

They would fight with knifes much of the time.

This new camp is better;

It is more safe.

The volunteers are nice and police do good work.

Families move-in and move-out from our tent;

A sheet divides my family of three from the other family of six.

Now my wife is pregnant.

I built more space for our tent, so my wife could have a place to cook.

I wait in the food line for my family three times a day.

I am thankful for the food,

And for a place to live.

All I want for the future is a healthy family and better life.

Beautiful day over Lesvos Island tents