People International was established in 1979. The first years of this Good News ministry were devoted to spreading information about the needs of Central Asia to the Church in the West. Muslim Awareness Seminars were held, prayer fellowships started, literature was published, and inquiries about Central Asian Muslims were answered. Pioneer researchers were sent to the region. Wherever our researchers went they found millions who desperately needed to meet Jesus and experience life in His Kingdom. They also found that churches in the West had little or no information about these people.

With this informational vacuum in mind, the organization began to publish more and more literature. People Group Profiles and research reports began to be published regularly. Regular newsletters started to be distributed. The more that was published, the more that was taught, and the more traveling that was done, the more the work grew. Soon others wanted to know how they could also get involved.

Specific people groups were adopted for research and ministry. They were generally those of either Turkic or Persian origin who were living geographically between Albania in the West and China in the East. Today these Central Asian peoples have a population of over 400 million, and live in one of the most untouched areas of the world today.

In 1987 a new focus was added to the work. Not only was the organization committed to educating the Western church about Islam and Central Asian Muslims, but also more efforts in sharing the Good News and establishing faith communities began to take place. With this new thrust, short-term teams were sent into “closed” areas of Central Asia, and where possible we started to place long-term teams.

Additionally, outreach work began among Central Asian Muslims residing in Western Europe and North America – particularly among those people coming from countries closed to Western workers. The ministry grew and the number of those sent out grew as well.

In 1991, with the collapse of the “Iron Curtain” PI again went through a period of sharpening its vision and focusing its outreach work. With all the political changes taking place in Central Asia, and with opportunities opening up for “tentmakers” to go and live and work in these countries, it was decided to prayerfully concentrate most of the organization’s efforts on placing long-term people throughout “Greater Central Asia”.

In 2010, P.I. completed a restructuring to allow for greater growth. As of 2014, there are sending offices in eight countries with people having been sent out from 24 countries, working among Central Asian Muslims, in Greater Central Asia, with growing outreach in the West, as well. P.I. is committed to sending out well-trained people, developing existing teams, and starting new pioneer works in new locations.

In 2016, along with adding a new International Director, People International started adding many Central Asians to our staff to better reach people for Jesus. We have added Ukrainians, Russians, Tajiks, Turks, Kazakhs, and Turkmen as part of our field staff. In the last 6 years, we have added multiple ethnic staff members from China, the Philippines, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica. We have set up a Central American office in Panama City in 2023 to better serve the Central American church in sending to Central Asia.

In 2022 we sent one of our staff members to Ukraine to serve in church planting and humanitarian aid assistance to the people of Kharkiv. We currently provide expertise and on-the-ground assistance to the work in Ukraine. In February 2023 SE Turkey experienced a devastating earthquake that left millions displaced and over 60,000 people dead. We have partnered with the local church in Turkey to provide food, housing, and spiritual care. In 2023 we sent out our first African American staff worker and our first African American short-term team.

In 2024 we have started the process to look for a new International Director. Our current International Director served faithfully for 8 years and now is a time for new leadership to take us the next eight to ten years. If you know of someone who would love a new challenge in life, please direct that person our way.

People International USA is ECFA accredited. For financial data relating to our operations, visit our ECFA profile.

People International is a Member of the Child Safety & Protection Network which is a collaborative network of mission agencies, faith-based NGOs, and international Christian schools intentionally and strategically addressing the issues of child protection. The Network began in September 2006 and now has 111 organizations who are part of the network.

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