Islam in Central Asia

Details and citations from:
Sayyid Abu Al-‘Ala Maududi, Islam: Its Meaning and Message, in M. Tariq Quraishi (ed.), American Trust Publications, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1984, 12-14.
Islam, An Introduction. Undated. Compiled by Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Elmasry c/o KW Islamic Association, P.O. Box 823, Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA N2J 4C2, (519) 885-2225.


» Pre-Islam Era

» The Arrival of Islam

» Islam Under the Soviet Union

» Soviet Rule in Central Asia

» Creating the Central Asian Republics

» The Impact of Gorbachev

» The Collapse of the Soviet Union

» Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP)

» Central Asian Regimes Since Independence

» Problems of State Building

» Conclusion

» End Notes / Bibliography