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Over 11,000(and counting) have perished in Turkey

In the early morning of February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Southeastern Turkey and Syria. Twelve hours later a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit 60 miles away . The devastation from the earthquakes has hit an area of Turkey that is heavily populated with millions of Turks and Kurds, as well as displaced refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. This is an area that we have historically worked in for many years and is one place of the world that was already suffering from 100% annual inflation and poverty. The recovery effort will continue for the next few days and then the work to clothe, house and feed the hundreds of thousands displaced will begin. Our 40+ staff and children are all safe in Turkey, but many of our church partners have experienced loss and displacement of family members and friends. We plan to send out weekly email updates about the relief effort. Follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

Where your money will be going?

We waited to ask for any money until we were organized to administer funds confidently to those in need. We have a Crisis Management Team on the ground in Turkey managing our relief efforts in Eastern Turkey. The money given to our Relief Fund will be used to buy supplies that will be delivered to local church operations that will overseen by our staff. We will work solely with the local church. A few of our staff will accompany relief workers as they administer aid directly to those who need it. One of our church partners in Antalya will be helping with the displaced earthquake victims that will be relocated to Antalya. Your gifts will be carefully managed and given only to those who have been affected by the earthquake. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of February. Over $5,000 has been given already. Thanks for considering a tax-deductible gift this month. We are 501-c3 Non profit and a member of Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. Click on the link below and scroll to account 870.


Pray for rescue efforts still going on

Pray for our staff heading to Eastern Turkey

Pray for our church partners extending relief

Give towards our Relief Fund

Pray for the local church as it serves men, women and children in Turkey  #loveoneanother #luke1816 #jesuslovesyou #isa
The church in Turkey has been amazing! It’s been 6 weeks straight of serving earthquake victims with food, water and shelter! Keep praying !
Pray for the church in Turkey as they help with the 1.5 million displaced people #loveoneanother #shelter #webuiltthiscity #loveinaction
Pray for the 1.5 million men, women and children homeless in Turkey. The church and many other agencies are desperately providing tents like these #prayforturkey #shelter #loveoneanother
This week the ministry is repurposing a old kids play place into a family center where people can come and rest, eat and relax with neighbors and friends. #loveoneanother #kidsplayplace #familycenter #family
When we are serving in Turkey, we never work on our own, we are always partnered with the local church. In addition we believe it’s imperative that we obey all the laws of Turkey in regards to ministering relief to protect the local church and insure safety of our workers.  #localchurch #loveoneanother
Friends loading up supplies! #loveturkey #prayforturkey #injesusname

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