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We have added several new resources available for request including people-specific Prayer Cards: Dargin, Kurds, and Turkmen.

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Unveiling God's Glory in Central Asia

From Central Asia:

The Story of Nawrooz, Part 2

A package arrived at the house. Navrooz’s mother carefully inspected it before she passed it on to her daughter. Then brimming over with excitement, Navrooz opened the package and took out the booklets one by one. There were so many of them!

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The Story of Nawrooz, Part 1

Nawrooz was born in Central Asian to parents of different ethnic origins whose marriage had been arranged. This couple barely knew each other before they created the marriage union. In the western world, when it comes to marriage, two loving hearts get together and create a union. In her world it was different; when it comes to marriage in the Muslim world, often times two families come together and they unite their children in a union.

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Central Asia on The Map

Map of Central Asia

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This is a full 12"X18" folded map listing the many people groups and population data on the reverse side.

While you are here take a look at the interactive map with profiles, weather, flags, timezones and more.

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